Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Blog Entry in a WHILE! #SkeeZBlog


     It's been QUITE some time since I posted a personal blog entry that wasnt a video, song, show, etc. so I thought I'd do that to try and bring a little traffic back to my page. This year has been going GREAT with music, a lot of people ask me this on a regular and I always say the same thing "It's going perfect, really picking up" because honestly, every single day, the music is picking up. 2 years ago I was on the verge of feeling like I was gonna be running in place forever and now I'm signed with Sky Skrapin Ent. with Jon Young & J. Cash, I'm a part of Prone Records with GrewSum & my I.O.E. team has done over 30 shows already including performing with Machine Gun Kelly & Tech N9ne at their Davenport, IA stop of the LARGEST HIP HOP TOUR IN HISTORY, brought Crime Mob to Clinton, have brought Jon Young to Clinton numerous times for shows, we performed with Asher Roth in Iowa City, and more countless memories. I have signed more autographs and sold more merchandise this year than I ever have in my life and I HONESTLY never thought I'd get to this point.

       I appreciate everyone that has been working with me throughout this, even the people from the first few years when I start like Dave T, White Noise, Lance Smyff, Murf Dad, Kris Schoen, Matt & Jess from Sin City, David James, 4Play All Day Ent, DJ J Dub, Elis & Lazy Boyz, Patti from The Bar, Graffiti, Mitch, Nate, AJ, DJ Hatheway, Rolly of Apollo's, Keshia, Erika, Tara, DJ Spreewell, Everyone who's bought shirts & cd's out of state, Jon Young, Smoke aka Fasbux, Salah, First Fleet, Hot Charlie, DJ Commando, DJ K Yung, Ray Ray, My family members, I.O.E. & all of their family members, ALLLL of the fans who have attended countless shows just to support us..and all the people who I forgot because I've met a BILLION people who are important to me. I just wanted to recognize a few people, If I forgot you, let me know and I'll include you in the next one!

I can't even express how much all of you mean to me and my goals, I thank you ALL!